Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Spontaneous New Years

Well, Rob and I decided to be a little spontaneous, so we packed our bags and drove 3 hours to Penscaola, FL. We stayed there from Saturday to Monday. It was a blast. Although the weather wasn't perfect, we still got to enjoy the beach. I have been to Florida many times, but I have never gone in the winter. Although the water was too cold to swim in, it was so much fun to just walk along the beach. The waves were huge! And there were a lot of people surfing (another thing you don't really see during the summer. I guess winter is the best time to go surfing in Florida, who knew?!)
My favorite part was on New Year's Eve, we went and bought fireworks. We found a part of the beach where there was hardly anyone and we got to shoot fireworks right there on the shore! It was so much fun. Rob put on a good fireworks show for me, although most of them were the same exact thing (Yeah, don't buy fireworks at Walmart, they might all look different, but they are really the same exact firework, just in different packaging.) The rest of our time was filled with putt-putt, fishing, bowling, walking on the longest pier into the gulf, and just enjoying to beach! I think we are seeing the benefits of being DINKS right now (Double Income No Kids)!

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Chip Burkitt said...

Hey, DINKS, enjoy it while you can!