Tuesday, March 16, 2010

9 month stats

We had Clay's 9 month check-up today and all is well. Learned that he had his first (of many more to come, I'm sure) virus. He was running a fever this weekend, but didn't have any other symptoms. He seemed fine on Sunday, but I did notice that he looked like he had some little pink bumps on his tummy. Since he is fair skinned and doing the army crawl these days, I figured it was just from crawling on the carpet. Anyway, yesterday evening, it was really looking like a rash. Thankfully today I had his regular check-up appointment and learned (Actually my mom diagnosed it about an hour before I went to the appointment) that he had Roseola, which is a virus common for babies to get at his age. Anyway, seems kinda like a milestone, Clay getting his first virus...
Anyway, here are his 9 month stats:
Weight: 18 lbs. 14 oz. -20th percentile
Height: 27 3/4 inches 50th percentile
Growing away

Friday, March 12, 2010

9 months

I can hardly believe that my baby boy is 9 months. It's even harder to believe that we will be celebrating his first birthday is just a few short months. Ya know, I have always heard moms talk about how quickly kids grow up and I never really understood it until I had my own. I seriously feel like I just gave birth to him YESTERDAY. Ok, I can go on and on about how big he is and how I can't believe it, but I'll stop now...

So here are some things my little 9 month old does now:

- claps his hands on command, or when you sing if your happy and ya know it, or just for fun!
- does the army crawl and gets faster and faster everyday
- can pick up food with his finger and thumb and feed himself
- has 3 teeth, one has totally come in and is working on the other two
- gets his feelings hurt when you tell him "no"
- knows the car and will begin to whine before you even open the door to put him in his car seat
- smiles ALL THE TIME!
- has become more and more interested in toys ( but the stacking cups are still, by far, his favorite)
- plays "catch" (I roll him the ball and he rolls it back)
- says mama and dada
- talks constantly, except when we are walking around in a store (too much to look at I guess...)
- is very ticklish
-LOVES to eat solid foods. You would be amazed how much such this skinny baby can eat!!
showing off his 3 teeth (2 bottom and one on the top left... you can see the very tip of it if you look really closely)
if you're happy and ya know it clap your hands
eating finger foods!
ahhhhahhh I got it!

Funny Face

I don't know what it is, but Clay has been constantly making this face lately. I think it's pretty funny! And here is another pic of a funny face, although he doesn't make this one as often!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


So, almost 2 weeks ago, my baby boy learned to scoot on his tummy and has been getting faster and faster ever since, which means he has been getting into more and more things. And he makes way more of a mess than he use to. But it has been easy to adjust to so far. I guess in my head, I kinda thought that once your kid is mobile, everything changes drastically. But at first he would not go very far. He would only go for things within a few feet of him. And then he got more a more interested in things that were further and further away from him. But, like I said, it has been a gradual process where I am learning what things he can get into gradually. It's been kinda fun to see what he is interested in. He will often go for the diaper bag and pull things out. He also likes to go for my toes and thinks they are really funny. Oh, and the DVD player is definitely a favorite. He has already tried to eat my bible study workbook and torn an envelope for the blockbuster mail in DVD thing. It's funny, because I often see him start to go for something and halfway there, he will stop and look back at me, as if to see if I will let him, or tell him no. Or maybe it's to see if I am watching, so he knows what he can get away with! Anyway, it's been fun so far, except the whole teaching him "no" thing.
Here are a couple pictures of what he has been getting into!

Humm... mommy, what do you carry around in this bag all the time?Helping mommy unpack the groceries! (He really did take quite a few items out of the grocery bag for me. Now if I can only get him to put them where they belong ;)

Here is a video of our little guy's scooting skills