Monday, March 23, 2009

We Registered!

Well, we did it! We registered this weekend. We ended up going with Target and Babies R Us, you know the two common ones people end-up registering at. I was surprised at the lack of Target's baby inventory. Since it seems so many people do their baby registry there, you would think they would have a lot better selection. But we registered for what we could there, knowing that Target is a lot more accessible for people than Babies-R-Us. Of course the bulk of the things we registered for, especially the big items, are at Babies. It was really fun and tiring. Rob was really good about being patient and trying out strollers, etc. even though he wasn't nearly as excited about the whole experience as I was. Baby stuff is just really cute! Anyway, if any of you want to check out our registry, you can find it online with our names and state.
Thanks to everyone for all the advice! I truly appreciate hearing all the wisdom from so many mommies! I am sure this won't be the last time I ask for advice concerning our baby boy! 2 and a half more months to go!!! We can't wait! Time is going a lot faster than I expected now (the first 20 weeks felt like years!) and I feel a little overwhelmed with all the stuff we need to do, but super excited that the day is fast approaching!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Missions Conference

This week is missions conference at our church. It has been great to hear from so many missionaries about their ministry and their passion. I have been so consumed with this whole pregnancy thing that I really have not thought about the Philippines in awhile. Of course, this week reminds me of the great year we had in the Philippines and how much we miss it. This week reminds me of how much people around the world need to know about the love of Jesus Christ. So, I began looking at our pictures and came across the slide show I made to show at church when we came back. I thought some of you might like to see it!
Rob and I only know what we are called to do today. We are uncertain of where the Lord might lead us in the future. But one thing we know for sure, we have a heart for missions and will always be involved in missions in one way or the other. Whether it be supporting missionaries or going overseas ourselves, we will always support missions.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Little Adivce...

I'm not sure how many people still check my blog anymore since I have been horrible at posting lately, but I figured i'd try... So, I am going to register for our baby boy soon and of course, being a 1st time mom, am not sure what to get. There are so many choices out there of strollers, car seats, monitors, swings, bouncers, carriers, oh the list goes on... So, I figured I would just ask all the moms out there if there is something you really liked having when you had a baby, what brands you thought were good, and even if there was something you got that you never used. I would appreciate any advice!!! Thanks!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Our Growing Baby Boy

Here is our little guy at only 7 weeks. This was taken at our first doctors appointment. Even though he did not look like a baby yet, we could see and hear his heartbeat. For those of you who have had children, I'm sure you would agree that hearing your unborn baby's heartbeat is the best sound in the world! We could also see our little peanut moving. It was absolutely amazing, and yes I did tear-up.
13 weeks- we had another ultrasound, unexpectedly. I was spotting a little and went to the doctor. She examined me and did not think that the blood was coming from my uterus, but it was coming from a little abrasion possibly just from all the extra hormones (which ended-up healing after the medicine she gave me). She wanted to make sure that all this was not affecting the baby, so she ordered an ultrasound. We got to see our little guy moving around, and it was confirmed that he was ok (Praise the Lord!). The greatest part of the whole thing, well was of course finding out that he was ok, but we were shocked when the ultrasound tech asked if we wanted to know what the gender was. Normally the doctor does not do another ultrasound until you are 20 weeks or so and that is when you find-out what you are having. But, they were able to tell us at only 13 weeks that our baby was a boy! Isn't God amazing? At only 13 weeks, a baby has developed so much that they can tell you his gender. What started as a very scary day, ended-up being a celebration that the Lord has blessed us with a baby boy! I kind-of think that God did all this for me. (well, I know, God always has a plan) I had been so scared that I was going to loose this baby, that I was not allowing myself to truly accept the fact that we were really having a baby. I did not want to get too excited. Finding out that we were having a boy made him so real to me. I am not sure how to explain it, but it really changed my attitude. I realized there was a real, living little boy inside of me and I need to celebrate and be thankful for his life, no matter how short or long God has ordained his life to be. Life is a blessing from God, no matter what. Of course I still worry that something is going to go wrong but I am continuing to learn that I need to be thankful for right now. Every time he kicks me, moves, does flips in my belly, and even when it feels like he is using my bladder as a punching bag, I need to celebrate his life and be thankful for right now. This little guy is teaching me so much and we have only had him for 26 weeks now!! I am sure there are many more lessons to come! Wow, I was not planning on sharing all that, but it just came pouring out.
And here is the latest picture, 22 weeks. At this ultrasound, he weighted 1lb. 1oz. This was the big ultrasound, where they look at all his organs and make sure he is healthy. Thankfully, we were told that he looked perfect! It truly was amazing, they showed us his heart, and you could see all 4 chambers and all the valves. You could see his bladder and stomach. Oh, it really was amazing! He was so cute, he had his hand up by his face almost the whole time (C- maybe he will take after Sam!) and then he started sucking his fingers. Towards the end of the ultrasound, he even got the hiccups. It was really amazing (I know, I have used that word a lot, but I just don't know how to better describe this whole experience) to see our little guy just acting like a real baby, mannerisms and things that he will probably be doing when he enters the world in 14 weeks, and he was only 1 lb. I am just amazed at God's handiwork.
And here is his hand, the one that was up by his face almost the whole time, until he started sucking his fingers. Oh, I can't wait to count those fingers and hold that little hand!