Monday, March 23, 2009

We Registered!

Well, we did it! We registered this weekend. We ended up going with Target and Babies R Us, you know the two common ones people end-up registering at. I was surprised at the lack of Target's baby inventory. Since it seems so many people do their baby registry there, you would think they would have a lot better selection. But we registered for what we could there, knowing that Target is a lot more accessible for people than Babies-R-Us. Of course the bulk of the things we registered for, especially the big items, are at Babies. It was really fun and tiring. Rob was really good about being patient and trying out strollers, etc. even though he wasn't nearly as excited about the whole experience as I was. Baby stuff is just really cute! Anyway, if any of you want to check out our registry, you can find it online with our names and state.
Thanks to everyone for all the advice! I truly appreciate hearing all the wisdom from so many mommies! I am sure this won't be the last time I ask for advice concerning our baby boy! 2 and a half more months to go!!! We can't wait! Time is going a lot faster than I expected now (the first 20 weeks felt like years!) and I feel a little overwhelmed with all the stuff we need to do, but super excited that the day is fast approaching!

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Linds said...

I SO wish we had a Babies R Us. We don't have one, so when we visited my parents for Christmas in Baton Rouge mom went with me. It is OVERWHELMING the stuff they have-- SO much more than any other store! I am glad you enjoyed yourself-- Drew and I agreed it was much more entertaining and fun registering for Brayden than wedding stuff :)