Monday, December 18, 2006

Celebration in the Oaks Fun Run

OK I wrote this blog a while ago, and forgot to post it, so here it is. The race we ran was on Dec. 9th:
So, last Saturday Rob and I ran a 2 mile run through New Orleans City Park for the Celebration in the Oaks Fun Run. It is an annual run. I ran it once in high school, and thought it would be fun to do again. Rob and I had fun running together (yes, he ran with me the whole way, even though he runs much faster than me!).
For those of you who don't know what Celebration in the Oaks is: During Christmas time they decorate city park with a LOT of Christmas lights and decorations. And you can just walk through the park and enjoy. After the run, they gave us "free" (we had to pay to be in the race) enterance to the part of the park that is decorated for Christmas. Although they don't change a whole lot every year, it is always something I enjoy going to. I can remember walk through that same park as a little girl, and now I can go with my husband! How fun!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Our First Christmas Together!

Last Christmas was Rob and I's first Christmas together and needless-to-say it was quite interesting. We had just moved down to New Orleans, we had just got hired with a contractor, and we were living in a FEMA trailer. Now, as many of you know, those trailers don't have much room. We didn't have the room or the time to even consider decorating for Christmas. Christmas kind-of came and went in a blurr. We didn't even get to have our first Christmas tree together.
Although it is a little sad when I think about it, we are having so much fun this year. It feels like our first Christmas together. Last Saturday we went and chopped a tree down, went shopping for Christmas decorations (we only had about 4 ornaments for our tree, now we have about 15), went home and put up lights and our tree! It was so much fun! I never really realized how much fun it could be to decorate your own place! It just makes me want to curl-up next to my husband every night, with a cup of hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies! (Rob loves that!) Here are some pictures of our day:

Here is my buff husband carrying our Christmas tree after we chopped it

The tree must be decorated!

Here we are by our very first Christmas tree!