Friday, September 15, 2006

Moving Again....

So Rob and I are moving, again. I realized that we are about to move into our fourth place since we have been married and it's only been one year!!! How crazy is that? I guess, we just can't settle down. We are going to stay in the New Orleans area, however we are moving to a location that is more centralized. Since Rob is working in consrtuction and he has houses all over the New Orleans area, we are moving to a place that is more accessible. We are not really excited to move all our stuff AGAIN, especially since we are moving from the 3rd floor of one apartment building to the 3rd floor of another apartment building. (Anyone want to help us?) Oh yeah and there are no elevators in either building. (still want to help?) But after our stuff is moved we will be excited about a new place.

Monday, September 11, 2006

College Friends

You know those kind of friends who you haven’t seen in a long time and when you get together with them, it’s as if you were never apart. You just pick-up where you left off. I love those friends! Over Labor Day weekend, Rob and I went on a camping trip with those kind-of friends, and we had a blast!. From hiking to boating to just hanging out around the campfire and even a quick trip to Wal-mart (you gotta love “camping” in America!) we enjoyed every minute.

Now that we are living here in New Orleans, we are finding it difficult to find friends who are in the same season of life. Although we are getting more involved in our church and meeting more and more people, there are no friends like the ones you make in college. I wonder if it is because you have more time to hang-out together or because you are in a season of life where it is easy to connect with people. Whatever the reason, it seems like your friends from college are going to be your lifetime friends

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just Getting Started...

So, I have been thinking about having a blog for a while now, and I guess there's no time like the present. As most of you know, I am horrible at keeping in contact with people. Although having a blog doesn't give me an excuse not to answer my cell phone, I do think it will be an opportunity to keep in contact with all of you, as well as give me an outlet. So, if you are ever wondering, "What is going on with those Johnsons I never hear from???" here is your answer, hopefully. And if this doesn't answer your question, just give me a call..... I'll try to answer my phone!