Friday, October 28, 2011

From Pallet to Bookshelves!

I was introduced to about a month or so ago. It's been so fun to find all these great ideas of really creative things to make or do. One project I really wanted to do was make bookshelves for Clay (and eventually Zeke) out of a pallet. Knowing that Rob could get a pallet from his work for free, this wound be a really inexpensive but COOL project! We have a regular bookshelf in Clay's room for his toys and books, but all his books had found their way into a HUGE pile on the floor by the rocking chair. Clay liked to have easy access to his books and wanted to be able to see the front covers to know what book it was instead of just the binding. So, I knew these book shelves would be PERFECT! Rob's parents came last weekend and Rob took some time off work, (and Rob's parent like to help with projects) so I knew it was time for our first pinterest project! And they turned out AWESOME!! They are adorable and Clay really likes them and I LOVE not having all the books in a huge pile! If you have little ones and have access to a free pallet, this is so worth it... Here are some picks...
The before picture!Clay had to get in on all the action! Painting them was a family event!And the after! How cute are these! Can you believe that they were made from a pallet?!

Clay was SO excited!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zeke is Two Months!

Well, my little 2 month old is 11 lbs. and 23 1/4 inches long, both in the 50th percentile! At about 6 weeks Zeke started smiling! I'd like to say I got the first smile, but Rob did! I didn't believe that Rob got a real smile until later that evening I got one too! And now he's starting to smile more and more! He is also starting to try to "talk" a little too! Everyday he talks more and more! It's so cute! I guess it's official, he's not my little newborn anymore! At about 9 weeks he started sleeping from 11pm to about 8:30pm, but he got a cold a few days ago and has been waking in the middle of the night for a COUPLE HOURS because he can't breathe very well! Now I'm a little worried that he won't go back to his 9 hour stretch once he's over this cold. I guess we'll see, but I'm exhausted. It would be one thing if he would go back to sleep after nursing him, but instead he wakes and is up for a long time, making me a very tired momma! Besides that, he's really a sweet baby! Very pleasant! I'm so excited to experience all the "firsts" in the months to come! We love you Zeke!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Lovin the things my two year old says...

Last night as we were driving home, stopped at a red light, Clay notices the moon. As soon as the light turns green and we start moving Clay exclaims, "Daddy, the moon is running!" Love that kid!