Thursday, September 06, 2012

The First of Many Firsts

Well, it was bound to happen at some point, right!?  It just seems like it came too quickly!  Clay started preschool today for the very FIRST time!  Now, I have to admit, I only signed him up for two days a week.  I wasn't ready for any more than that, although, I think he might be!  I was so nervous this morning, I mean, I think I was more nervous for his first day of school than I ever was for any of my own!  Maybe I'm crazy, or maybe I'm just a mom. Well, probably just a crazy mom!  But you know, you want to protect your kids and provide and always be there for them, make sure their ok, etc. etc. and believe me there are many etcs.!
 Clay was SO EXCITED!  He talked about it a lot.  We even went to Target to buy new "school shoes" yesterday.  Of course he picked the Spiderman ones that light up!  I mean, what 3 year old boy wouldn't?!  And last night as I'm putting him to bed, I find the new shoes on the floor RIGHT next to his bed!    I guess he wanted to be ready!  Too cute!  He was up til at least 10pm coming out of his room asking for things.  I think he was too excited to sleep.  I remember that as a kid.  Who am I kidding, I'm still like that ;)  When I woke this morning, realizing I wasn't being woken up by our 3 year old boy, I knew he stayed up a little too late.  Hoping I wouldn't have to actually wake him to go to school, he was up a couple minutes later! He didn't eat too much for breakfast, stating "well, mom there is snack time at school!"
So, I wondered today, how is he doing? Is he making friends?  Is he missing me?  Did he cry at some point?  Is he being shy?  OH WHAT IS HE DOING?  I'm sure there is a reason why they don't have one of those cool windows where you can see them but they couldn't see you.  Moms would camp out there!  I know I would! Oh I wish!
Ok, I have to admit, I was a little giddy when it was time to go pick him up.  Who knew 3 hours could be so long?  I couldn't wait to hear all about snack time, craft time, play time, and anything and everything you could get out of a 3 year old boy.  The teacher said he " had a great day!"  And it sounded like it!  He told me he "didn't cry" and "we played with play doh." Other than that, there wasn't much more I could get out of him.
And so I sit here, reminded once again, that our children are in God's hand and not our's.  That there are so many questions I would loved answered and there are so many things I want to control, but the truth is, I will never know EXACTLY what happened during those 3 hours this morning (unless of course they decide to install one of those cool windows)!  I guess it's all apart of this whole "mom thing" happening to me, but I know there will be many other times in my life where I just have to trust God with the most precious gifts I could ever receive.  Ok, God, lesson learned, now can they install that window??!! :)  

Thursday, January 05, 2012

A MUCH Needed Thankful Heart

This seems pretty personal, but I feel like I need a little accountability here. And it seems writing something on my blog for the whole world to see is quite the accountability partner.... And so...
I've decided that I am a pretty cynical person. I always seem to see the glass as half empty. There are definitely moments were I am grateful and can see the good, but lately I just seem to always be this grumpy wife and mother. My thinking is the problem comes from a lack of thankfulness. And so, I have decided I need to make an effort to begin this new year with a grateful attitude. Afterall, I have a MILLION things to be grateful for. TRUELY. Not so sure how much I will be able to blog about this, but I'm going to make an effort to daily write down things I am thankful for (a practice I have heard so much about lately and NOW is the time to implement this practice). A thankful heart is MUCH needed in my life right now. I can't continue on being this way. For the sake of my relationship with my husband, my children, and MOST importantly, my GOD, I MUST do this. My attitude as the "keeper of this household" affects everyone here and I have got to change. Without further ado... here's the beginning.

#1 I'm thankful for a safe 19 hour road trip home from Nebraska. Cars can be dangerous and I am so grateful we made it home safely.
#2 I'm thankful for a good reliable car the Lord has blessed us with which keeps the anxiety of traveling to a minimum! ;)
#3 I'm thankful for this moment right now. Zeke is sleeping away and Clay is entertained momentarily by a video which gives mommy this quiet moment to begin something I have needed to do for a LONG time.
#4 Because I have been thinking about this, I decided I wanted to read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Volskamp. Just posted on facebook asking if someone had it an BOOM a few minutes later I'm picking it up TONIGHT! Thanks God for Your provision, even in the small stuff!