Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bath Time

So, we have come a long way in our "enjoying the bath" journey with Clay. He never really liked it. In fact, most times he would scream the whole time. I never understood when moms would say that their newborns fell asleep in the bath. Ha, yeah right... not this newborn. Needless-to-say, we never really liked giving him a bath, so we only did it when absolutely necessary! (I mean, how dirty can babies get anyway?) It wasn't until a couple months ago that he learned to splash in the bath and he LOVED it. Yes, ever since he learned to splash, it was like all of a sudden he realized how fun baths can be!!! Yay!! Finally it's not a struggle to give him a bath, he actually enjoys it now!!

And this is how baths use to be ... (taken at his first bath )And NOW...
Yay! Baths can actually be fun!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Trip to the Park

Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day here, so we decided it was a perfect time for Clay's first trip to the park. I have been looking for a park close by that actually has baby swings (because, well, really... what else can a 8 month old do at the park besides swing?!). Believe it or not, it has been quite the challenge to find a park around here that has swings, much less baby swings. On the way home Friday night we passed by a local park and I saw them!!! I knew this was the park for us!
Now, I have figured out that Clay is not like most babies in well, almost everything. He never liked pacifiers. He will NOT take a bottle. He HATED baths until he was 7 months old and learned how to splash. He hated riding in the car and would scream the whole time (unlike most who FALL ASLEEP). Oh the list goes on. All the things that most babies like, well, Clay didn't. One of those things is a baby swing. Yes, before we had Clay we figured we needed one of those baby swings because, well, every baby likes a baby swing, right??!! Oh how I had thoughts of him sleeping in it, or it calming him down. YEAH RIGHT!! He cried every time I put him in it!!! If he was crying and I put him in it, the crying would only get louder!!! So, although I wanted to take Clay to the park, I was not so sure he was going to like to swing. Well, much to my surprise he LOVED it. I mean from the moment we put him in it, he was smiling and laughing. It was too cute! We will defiantly have to take him to the park more often!!
I think this is my favorite one!
Although he did like the swing he wasn't so sure about the slide!!
Yeah, so I had the thought that the park would be a great place to do a little photo shoot! Ha! This is pretty much what he did the whole time. He was WAY more interested in the grass than me! This is the best pic I got!
Really he was more interested in eating the grass than anything else!
playing with leaves

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fun with daddy

I love to see my husband and son play together, cuddle, or just hang-out. I think they will be great friends one day!Rob found baby einstein on you tube for Clay on half the computer screen and he was doing some research on the other half!!! too funny!Just cuddling with daddy after a nap

Rob built a little road with 2 ramps for Clay's caterpillar to roll over. (Good thing there are daddies. Mommies would never think of things like this!!!)

Teaching Clay the Ways of Manhood

So, Rob took Clay after work and I found them in the bathroom doing this:
Ummm... Mommy, what is daddy doing?
Oh, that looks like fun!
I'm not so sure about this
I don't think I liked that daddy.

First Tooth

Yes, it is true, Clay is finally getting his first tooth!! About 2 weeks ago, he was VERY fussy and I noticed that his gums where looking a little different. Of course, I had to feel, no tooth yet. Well, by the end of the day I could feel the little tip of the tooth!! It is still not fully in (not sure how long it takes for a baby tooth to come fully in???!!!) but he looks so cute when he smiles with his little tooth sticking out!! It seems like we are getting close to the stage where everyday there is something new...

Friday, February 05, 2010


Not so sure what it is about cups, but Clay loves them. He is happy as long as there is a cup around. He doesn't love to drink from a sippy cup, in fact he usually shutters when we try to get him to drink from a sippy cup. However, when we let him drink from a regular cup, he loves it! For months his favorite toy was and still is stacking cups. Crazy kiddo...It seems that the "love of destruction" that all boys seem to have starts at such a young age!