Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Little Valentine

So, this was the first Valentine's Day where we could do some special stuff for the little one in our house and he would actally understand it!! We had a special Valentine's breakfast on Sunday morning. (Yes, I know Monday was Valentine's Day, but Daddy gets up a little too early for Clay and I so we made Sunday Johnson Valentine's Day!) You know, what every mom of a pre schooler makes for breakfast on Valentine's Day. Heart Pancakes with strawberries and cool whip. I think Clay's favorite part was the cool whip ;)! Since Clay is getting more and more into crafts, coloring, etc. we made Valentine's for Daddy. Now that Clay is getting older, it is fun to be able to do some more creative things with him!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

He's ready for crafts!

So, last week was REALLY cold (freezing in my book, but most of you Northerners would laugh at me! It was in the mid 30's) I don't know if it's because I am pregnant or what but this winter is driving me crazy! I can never seem to get warm, no matter what! I am BEYOND ready for summer to come. I would much rather be sweating in the heat than shaking in the cold ANY DAY! OK, enough complaining from me. Just wanted to get that out.
Therefore, due to the weather, I refused to leave the house last week. Well, ok Monday was beautiful so we went to the park and went for a walk. So glad we did because the very next day it was really cold. I was thankful we had spent plenty of time outside on Monday! So, after Monday, I figured we could make due with what we had in the cupboard and freezer and we would be ok. No need to even go to the store, right?! By the end of the week I was feeling really bad for Clay. Poor kid was stuck in the house all week. So, I decided we would change things up a bit and do some crafts. We finger painted with some baby food I still had from our baby food days. Of course, once Clay learned that it was actually food, he was more interested in eating it than painting with it. Then, we did play-doh for the first time. Clay really liked it and only tried to eat it a couple times! Makes me realize he is ready for some toddler crafts and that I need to try to be a little more creative!

Friday, February 04, 2011

First Hair Cut

A few weeks ago, I gave Clay his first hair cut. I had waited WAY too long and it was beginning to get matted in the back when he slept, but I just couldn't bring myself to cut off all his baby hair! I finally decided to just go for it. I am not the greatest at cutting hair. I have only cut Rob's, but he has wavy, thick hair so you can't really see all the mistakes. Clay's, on the other hand, is really thin and straight. Let me just tell you, it was stressful. I had Rob hold him but he was wiggling everywhere and shaking his head. God bless all those barbers out there who cut children's hair for a living! After all the fiasco, I learned that I should have let him watch a video while i cut it. Duh, that would have been smart, but the thought never crossed my mind! Oh well, the lessons you learn as a new mom!
I never realized how cutting a toddler's hair can change his look so much! I mean, my little Clay went from being my baby to my little boy in 5 minutes. The next morning when I got him from his crib, I had to take a second glance. Who was this "big boy" in my little guy's crib!!? It has taken a little but to get use to, but he is still as cute as ever!
So, without further ado... Here are the before and after pics...
Yes, my son's hair was ridiculously long!