Friday, November 18, 2011

too cute!

So, I'm potty training clay (will have to do a whole other blog about that one!). and on the potty this morning I told him to push some peepee out and his response was, "Mom, sometimes it does it all by itself."

Friday, November 11, 2011

Zeke is 3 Months and Clay is (almost) 2 1/2!

Well, my baby boy is 3 months old! He is no longer my little newborn and is now my little infant! And boy does he act like it! I have not really been doing tummy time a whole lot because, well, he doesn't really like it and he is a little spitter-upper! On his 3 month bday, I decided to give him a little tummy time and as soon as I put him down he rolled from his tummy to his back. Of course, like all moms, I was like, hum, did he really just roll over? Maybe I helped him when I put him down, so I did it again and he rolled again! It was then that I realized that our little Zeke is not just going to be this little baby that eats, sleeps and poops all the time, he is going to grow and move and talk and walk, etc! And it all begins with a little roll! Craziness! Clay was a little behind in all the physical development stuff, so having a 3 month old roll seems really early to me! Plus he has been really trying to roll from his back to him tummy. He can make it all the way to his side and almost over, but not quite yet ;) It's been fun getting to know Zeke better. He loves attention. Often when he is fussy, all you have to do it give him a little attention and then he is fine! He is a smiley little guy, but of course, I get most of the smiles ;) He has really started to giggle which is always adorable! He seems to like all the typical things babies like ( and Clay hated) . Like his baby swing, the bath, and (my personal favorite) a paci! I am still amazed that I can just rock him for a couple minutes, give him his paci, lay him down and he goes to sleep without a peep! Never knew babies could be like that! He is such a sweet little guy! Here are his 3 month stats:
12lbs. 4oz. -50th perc.
24 inches 50th perc.
A pretty average baby ;)
And now for the big brother... Oh our little Clay is probably the most adorable 2 year old in the world ;) He has the sweetest personality. He is SUCH a happy little guy. Seriously, most of his day is spent with a smile on his face. All you have to do is look at him and he will smile at you! He LOVES attention. Really! he will do anything for your attention. His newest thing is his "surprised face" (shown in the brother picture) , which I think is absolutely hilarious! So he often looks at me through out the day and does this face just to make me laugh! too funny. He is a really compliant child. I rarely have to put him in time out. Really all I have to say is, "Clay are you going to listen and obey?" and he usually obeys! I know this is not typical for a 2 year old. Once he was getting close to 2, I was a little nervous about the "terrible twos" but it has been nothing but a pleasure. I am LOVING the twos. He is talking up a storm which is the best part! He comes up with the cutest things! Here are his 2 1/2 years stats:
29 lbs 25th to 50th perc.
37" 50th to 75th perc.
ok, enough bragging about my kiddos! I'll just leave you with a pic...