Friday, August 28, 2009

Clay's 3 month appointment

Well, went to the pediatrician today for Clay's 3 month appointment. He took a 3 hour nap this morning, I didn't want to wake him up because I knew what was coming, wanted him to be rested. Well, he is 12 lbs. (I know, he's a little guy.. I promise I feed the kiddo all the time, I think he is just not going to be one of those chubby babies. If the kid would stop pooping all the time, maybe he would gain a little more weight ;) He is 24 1/4 inches long. So he continues to be about in the 25th per for weight and 75th for height. But the pediatrician had nothing but great things to say. She checked him all out and said that he looks very healthy! Of course at the end of the appointment comes the shots, 2 of them this time. And he was a trooper. Of course he cried, but really not for long and ended up falling asleep on the way home. Appointment couldn't have gone better! Thank you Lord for a happy, healthy baby boy. We love him so much

Thursday, August 06, 2009

O the Joys of Traveling

This past weekend we flew (yes all 3 of us) to Pennsylvania for a friend's wedding. I have decided that it is much easier traveling when it was just the 2 of us. (I know, I am stating the obvious.) who knew you had to bring so much stuff for such a little person. I mean, we had the diaper bag, stroller, car seat, not to mention a third of our suitcase was filled with stuff just for Clay. It is quite the process getting through security with all this stuff. Our flight there was a direct flight and everything went well. Clay nursed on the way up (thanks mom for letting me know I needed to do that, never would have thought about it otherwise), was awake for a little bit and then slept the rest of the way. We had a great time in PA helping our friends get ready for the wedding and being there for them. Rob was a groomsman, so he was a little busier than I was. Friday came and so did a virus. I was running a fever and felt EXTREMELY tired and nauseous. I knew exactly what it was, and was actually expecting to get sick with this virus because it had gone through everyone in my family. (Rob still hasn't gotten it, what's up with that??!!!) So, Friday was not the best of days and of course Clay has been sleeping great lately, doing a 6 hour stretch, but on the night I am running fever and sick, he decides to get up every 3 hours (that little stinker). The people we stayed with were great. The lady took Clay the morning before the wedding while I got ready and took care of him until it was time to leave. She was really sweet. Although I wish they hadn't had cats. Yeah, not only was I sick with this virus, but I was also dealing with allergies for their cat, and well, I also got a plugged milk duct too, not sure if there was anything else that I possibly could have gotten at that point. Let's just say Friday was not the best of days.

The wedding was great. It was sad to see them drive off. Do you know what I mean? I know at our wedding we were so excited to just be married and go on a honeymoon and just spend time together, but, when you're the friend, there is all this excitement and activity and it is fun and exciting, and then they leave you, and you just find-of feel sad. ya know? Like they left you behind. Anyway.

Then comes our attempt to get home on Sunday. During Saturday night, I could hear a little bit of thunder, but it didn't seem like a big huge storm. Well, come to find out, it was a big huge storm. We were on our way to the airport (it was about an hour and half from where we were staying) and all of a sudden we hit all this REALLY slow traffic. We thought it was just a bad accident, but then we heard on the radio that there was all this flooding around Philadelphia, and a lot of roads were closed. Well, eventually we find that there is a cop directing everyone off the interstate onto an exit. Thank goodness for our GPS or we would have been lost. We finally find our way to the airport and go to check in for our flight only to find out that our flight was delayed and that we were probably going to miss our connecting flight in Memphis. (now begins when I began to feel like we were in a comedy on a movie) So, this crazy lady begins to tell us all our options non of which got both us and our luggage to the same place at the same time. At one point, this woman says, "I don't know who is more confused, you or me." Yeah, not a good sign that this lady who is suppose to be figuring out a way to get us home, is super confused. Eventually we opted for the only choice to get us an our luggage home, which was flying to Memphis, getting a hotel there and leaving the next day on a flight in the afternoon. So, finally we get our tickets, accepting the fact that we are going to be stuck in Memphis for the night. we go to security they send us through the "family" line, which just takes us all around and eventually back to the same line everyone else was in??? Not sure why they even have a family line. Then we give the lady our ids and tickets and she tells us that we have to have an infant stamp on our tickets for Clay and that she could not let us through without it. So, Rob had to go all the way back downstairs to get this stamp from the crazy airline lady so they would let us through security. Meanwhile I am waiting by security holding Clay because we had taken him out of the carseat and stroller to go through security, when he starts grunting, and yes he had a major blow-out. At this point his poops have just begun to be "blow-outs." and I was a little nervous about all of it staying in the diaper. Well, I look down and sure-enough, yes poop all over me. Poop on my arm, poop on my shirt. Great! Here I am holding a baby with all this stuff, waiting for Rob to come back with poop all over me. (OK, "all over me" might be a bit extreme, but you know what I mean...) So, Rob gets back we show the lady the "stamp" and are able to go through security. Not sure why but Rob had to get "frisked." The alarm didn't go off or anything in fact they told him he would have to before he even went through the metal detector thing. So, while Rob is getting frisked I am trying to hold Clay with poop all over us and get all our stuff coming off the conveyor belt. I finally just gave up and let our stuff pile up at the end until Rob could come help. So, thus began my adventure to find a bathroom. I find one and go in, no changing table. I come out and no Rob. I was so frustrated, I just sat down on the ground, right there in the hall that lead to the terminal, where EVERYONE passed and changed his diaper. Of course Clay begins to cry to bring even more attention to the crazy lady changing the poopy diaper in the terminal hall. I get both of us all cleaned up and who comes traipsing back from a book store, MY HUSBAND! Glad he had a great time shopping for books while I was changing his diaper in the middle of the airport!!! (I still tease him about this :) I go back into the bathroom, go into the stall, and guess what is hanging on the wall... of course a changing table!!! argg.... oh well.
we finally make it to our gate, eat some lunch and wait. We called a family member to book us a hotel in Memphis for that evening with a hotel shuttle. We get to Memphis only to see that we had made up time in the air and probably could have made it on our connecting flight to NOLA. We shouldn't have looked, it was too late, our bags were only checked to Memphis and we had tickets for the next day. Anyway, we go to the hotel shuttle place, our van comes, we get in and it is hot!! yeah, their AC was broken so the only source of ventalation was the 2 windows in the front. We see our driver talking to the other people waiting for other hotel shuttles and then about 6 other people get in our van and we drive off, only to realized that he was taking them to a completely different hotel with their promise to "take care of him." So, we finally drop off these other people, at this time Clay has had enough and begins to scream. We finally get to our hotel, told them we needed a crib and went to our room. Well, we call 30 min later to the front desk to ask when the crib will come. She tells us we have to wait until the shuttle bus man comes back because I guess he is "house keeping" too! We get a call 30 min later to find out that their one crib was broken and there was nothing they could do. Sorry. OK??!!! So, we had a couch with a pull out bed, can we have some sheets? OK. 10 min later the shuttle bus driver shows up at our door with a bundle of sheets blankets and pillows. He said that he had gone to the room next door and pulled all the bedding off the bed, and hands Rob this huge bundle? Talk about great service?! Wow, it was the weirdest hotel experience we have had. So, we put Clay in the middle of the pull out bed with a pillow below him, and just hoped that he wouldn't squirm his way down. He did great! Anyway. It was a very strange day, probably one of the strangest days I can think of. The rest of our trip was pretty uneventful, we made it home Monday evening.