Friday, September 15, 2006

Moving Again....

So Rob and I are moving, again. I realized that we are about to move into our fourth place since we have been married and it's only been one year!!! How crazy is that? I guess, we just can't settle down. We are going to stay in the New Orleans area, however we are moving to a location that is more centralized. Since Rob is working in consrtuction and he has houses all over the New Orleans area, we are moving to a place that is more accessible. We are not really excited to move all our stuff AGAIN, especially since we are moving from the 3rd floor of one apartment building to the 3rd floor of another apartment building. (Anyone want to help us?) Oh yeah and there are no elevators in either building. (still want to help?) But after our stuff is moved we will be excited about a new place.


-C said...

nope, we don't want to! ;)

seriously, though ... are we going to be in PA when you move? that would be a serious amount of God's grace lavished upon us!

Anonymous said...

Christina! Hey! I would LOVE to be there to help you move, I am sorry though that I can't. When is the big day? I miss you and Rob a lot. How is work going? I love you! Leah