Monday, September 11, 2006

College Friends

You know those kind of friends who you haven’t seen in a long time and when you get together with them, it’s as if you were never apart. You just pick-up where you left off. I love those friends! Over Labor Day weekend, Rob and I went on a camping trip with those kind-of friends, and we had a blast!. From hiking to boating to just hanging out around the campfire and even a quick trip to Wal-mart (you gotta love “camping” in America!) we enjoyed every minute.

Now that we are living here in New Orleans, we are finding it difficult to find friends who are in the same season of life. Although we are getting more involved in our church and meeting more and more people, there are no friends like the ones you make in college. I wonder if it is because you have more time to hang-out together or because you are in a season of life where it is easy to connect with people. Whatever the reason, it seems like your friends from college are going to be your lifetime friends


-C said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!

Sam says he wants to get in the tent with rob and tina. :) I put their tent on the top bunk -- zach especially likes to lounge and pretend to sleep up there.

Oh, and Rob ... that shirt brings back memories ... I can't believe you wore a Tshirt to meet the family...sheesh! LOL

Matt said...

Hey Rob and Christina! Good to hear from ya. And that t-shirt is awesome! :)

Andy said...

welcome christia. i was wondering if you were ever going to start a blog and i am glad that you have. it's lots of fun. i've been keeping up with -c since i found her blog about 6 months ago, i guess.

here's a little advice...keep seeking out friends that are in the same time of life as you. it's awesome.

we did when we moved to washington state and loved every minute of it. it was extremely hard to leave them to move back to alabama. we are still struggling to find friends again because we haven't found a church yet that we like. i know being in the south you would think that we would but nope still looking. our church and church fam in wa was amazing and so far we havne't found anything quite like it.

your camping trip looked fun. we camped a lot in wa and can't wait to do somemore.

Anonymous said...

hey long time no see or hear. and married, are you? that is great. this is erin from SEBC. you guys look busy, but shoot me an email if you get a later.

Christina Johnson said...

Erin and Jenn it's good to hear from you guys! Blogging is a good way to keep in touch. Erin, yes I'm married and look at you with those kids, crazy. Time sure does fly by.