Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Who Dat?

"Who dat... who dat... who dat say dey gonna beat de'm Saints?" It's a line from a song I can remember hearing as a child (and thinking, yeah right! Every team in the NFL, that's who). BUT... It's the first year we can actually sing that song with pride. I must admit, I'm not the biggest football fan, but there is just something about this year, the excitement in the city, I have never cared so much about football in my life. I even find myself excited to see the game on Sunday. Who would have thought? Me, excited about a football game! Of all years for the Saints to win the Superbowl, this is the year (Hopefully)! The year when the city is in the misdt of rebuilding from complete devastation. Amazing! And even if they don't win, it's been an exciting football season for so many Saints fans! So, I ask with pride "Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?!!!!" ( And I know deep down inside, you are all pulling for them, no matter where you're from!)


Andy said...


-C said...

I believe, I believe! ;)

So I guess I should have known that that "who dat" saying came from a song, but ... I didn't. Thanks for the little piece of trivia. :)

Chip Burkitt said...

Now I have a side to root for. Go Saints!