Friday, January 19, 2007

Saints Fever

Ok, so a part of my job is to go to city halls to pull permits for jobs we are getting ready to start. Can I tell you that this city is going crazy over the Saints, especially today! I went to Jefferson Parish and everyone was wearing Saints clothing. There were people who had even painted fluer de lis on their faces. They had the building and all the offices decorated with black and gold streamers and Saints decorations. While I was there talking to a plan reviewer about a permit, this lady who worked there started yelling "Saints go all the way." It is really crazy down here. I have never seen a city so excited about something.
Well, I got back to my office and we started talking about this Saints fever going around and decided to join the crowd. There was only one problem, none of us have any Saints stuff. So, a co-worker and I left and bought Saints shirts for everyone in the office. We had to go to 4 places looking for shirts and finally ended up at Academy Sports. As we walked in the front door, we saw this huge crowd around racks of black and gold jerseys and tshirts, and we knew we had come to the right place. So, now we are all proud owners of Saints shirts and jerseys, that we will be modeling on Sunday! (Go Saints!) And Monday at our office is going to be black and gold day where we will either be mourning or celebrating.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry the saints couldn't pull it off. Looked like they were winners at first. but just didn't have it in the 2nd half. Next year is another opportunity for them.