Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Invisible Children

So, we took the college group from Berean to this college gathering in New Orleans called HimNI. Anyway, they had people connected with Invisible Children come and show a documentary about the children in Uganda. In case you have not heard about the Invisible Children in Uganda, there is this war going on in Uganda. There are rebels who are stealing children 6-13 years old and forcing them to see horrific things all with the purpose to desensitize them to be soldiers in their "army." There are thousands of children who cannot spend the night with their families because they fear being kidnapped. So, they have to travel into the city to spend the night in hospitals and parks where it is safer.
This documentary was filmed by 3 guys who went on a trip to Africa and stumbled upon this story during their trip. They decided to make a documentary out of the footage from their trip.
I can recall a friend of mine from college talking about his friends' trip to Uganda and what they had found out about the children there, speaking with him only months after his friends' trip. Now, 3 years later, they have come up with this documentary and an incredible ministry to the children of Uganda. They have started schools and mentoring programs. It is incredible to see all that God has gone in this country over the past 3 years and how God has used 3 college aged students with a video camera to shed light on this crisis.
Here is the website, please read about what is happening. Rob and I ordered a copy of the documentary, so if any of you would like to borrow it (well, those of you who live close to us), we would love to lend it to you.


Chip Burkitt said...

I recall seeing a story about this some time ago. They followed several of the children as they trekked into the village to sleep in locked compounds at night. I don't think when it aired that it had become a movement yet.

Anonymous said...

My roommate in college has a friend who went to school with one of those guys that did the documentary! Crazy huh? We support some missionaries that work with Caleb Project and they just got back from Uganda, working with the Achollies (the people who are being attacked by the LRA). Anyway, it was inspiring to see how God is working in that area-- even though there is so much oppression, the people there were so joyful! It taught me alot about me and my life and how much we take for granted yet our outlook on life is still nothing compared to those people!

Hope you're doing well..

Renee said...

We'll definitely have to watch it. Sounds similar to a documentary we saw last year at Sundance called "God Grew Tired of Us" about the "Lost Boys" of Sudan. It was a great movie and I think you would really like it. I think it was released in January but I'm not sure where it is playing. I'm sure it will come out of DVD eventually.