Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Lazy Dayz

Last Saturday Rob and I decided to enjoy the uniqueness of living in Louisiana. So, we went to Jean Lafitte Park, where they have a trail for you to walk along the swamp. Of course Rob was looking for alligators the whole time. Unfortunatelty no alligators revealed themselves to us, but nonetheless we had a very pleasant afternoon. Here are some pictures of our time:


Anonymous said...

Love the looks beautiful! Hope you both are doing well. Miss and love ya! Jess

Chip Burkitt said...

Okay, Rob looks like he has just encountered some disgusting odor. The landscape looks pretty cool, though. Who was Jean LaFitte? I seem to remember a Warner Bros. cartoon character named Jean LaFoote with an outrageous French accent.

Renee said...

Enjoy those "Lazy Dayz". We had tons of them before kids and enjoyed every one of them! Not that we don't have them now, they're only just about half as lazy since we have people to take care of while we're trying to be lazy - but they're just as much fun! :-)