Monday, October 15, 2007

A Part of the Bigger Picture

As most of you know, our missions agency focuses on Bible translation! As teachers, we are here to teach missionary kids. There are some of our students whose parents are Bible translators. On Friday, a couple who does translation invited people over to their house to learn more about the process of Bible translation. It was a very informative night. There is so much that goes into translating Scripture. One of the things I most appreciate about the agency we work with is their dedication to accurate Biblical translation. It's not, go into a village, learn their language and then just translate. There is a whole process that involves locals, translators, checkers, and a lot of resources to translate. It is amazing. Even after they have translated a passage, they have locals read it and answer comprehension questions to make sure they convey the passage correctly! Wow. It is times like this when I realize that we are a part of the bigger picture. That picture being: to have at least one accurate New Testament in every heart language. Rob and I are here to support Bible Translation. We are here to teach missionary kids! What a neat calling.
This couple has been working for many years (I think almost 20) to translate the New Testament for a people group whose population is about 6,000. Yeah, 6,000 people does not sound like a lot, right? That's like a small town in Nebraska that you have never heard of. But each one of those 6,000 people are loved by God. Each person is so important to Him. Can you imagine not having any access to a Bible that you can understand? How would you learn about God? How would you come to know Him intimately? Can you imagine? I know, it's hard considering you probably have at least 3 bibles sitting on your shelf, all different versions. Imagine not having one! Wow, that blows my mind. Well, this couple is planning on having the entire New Testament and Genesis completely by 2010! How exciting! I love being a part of this ministry. I love supporting these missionaries! It is amazing to work beside people who have committed their whole lives to translating Scripture!


Renee said...

I couldn't have said it better myself! Actually, it's funny to hear you talk about it because it sounds so much like what we say when we're telling people about Wycliffe. The neat part is that your job right now is just as important to Bible Translation as the Bible Translators! You guys are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.