Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Teacher's Appreciation...

Well, the school year is coming to a close. There are only 2 more days left of classes, and then students start their exams. Wow! We will be leaving the Philippines in 13 days! I can't believe it! How time flies... It's so bitter/sweet, as is most transitions in life...
On Saturday the students prepared a teacher's appreciation dinner for all the MICA teachers and their spouses. The weird part is that the student council was in charge of organizing it, and I, being the student council advisor, am in charge to oversee their events. Well, this is the one event I did not know anything about. They wanted it to be a surprise for me. They really did a great job! I was very impressed! We had it at the SIL office building, which is right next to MICA. They had decorated one of the rooms and it looked great! They served us finger foods through out the night, gave each of us a card from all the students and then the teachers and students played a game together. It was a great night!
The decorated the whole room with paintings, messages, couches, lamps, rugs... It looked great!
The students served us finger foods.. there were about 8 different courses! We were stuffed by the end.
Enjoying the game!
We played a game called Mexican charades. Basically where you act out a scene and someone has to guess what you are acting... Here Rob is being a student in class who really has to go to the bathroom. It was really funny! (He's going to LOVE that I posted this picture of him!)
Here are the teachers (plus their spouses)


Bekah said...

I taught the kids to play Mexican charades at the SSS two years ago. Funny that now they reversed it. They definitely loved it when I had them do it.

Anonymous said...

Jordan has been out of school for a week now.He made the "A" honor roll."yeah for him!"So we will see you in a few weeks.

Can't wait to see you guys,love ya!

Miss Missa

Ellen Rosenberger said...

hey Christina!! Thanks for the congrats! :) We're excited! We're getting married on December 20th in Indiana. So glad you like reading blogs...we haven't posted anything since our engagement but hopefully will get something new up in the next week!

Renee said...

You must have taught those student council kids well this year since they did such a great job organizing an event without you :-)