Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rockin' M Ranch

There is a tradition here at MICA (the high school we teach at) call the Staff Serving Students Banquet (SSS Banquet). This year's SSS banquet was this past Saturday. We had a cowboy theme for the banquet we called Rockin M Ranch! The students really got into it! They all came dressed up in their cowboy gear! We even had some students dress up as indians (you can't have cowboys without indians! The students had a great time. I even taught them some line dances, which I think they really liked! There were some students who were really into the line dancing! It was great! Here are some pictures of our night:

Here I am teaching the students a line dance. Do you see Rob to the left of me! We even got him up there line dancing!

These are the teachers here at MICA (and some of their spouses).


Chip Burkitt said...

You guys are having way too much fun! Are you sure you're "serving God?"

-C said...

Ah, so fun! Way to go, Rob, or maybe that would be a shout-out to Christina for rubbing off on you. :) Sheesh, take him halfway across the world and he'll do all kinds of new stuff. :) You guys look great. We miss you.

-C said...

one final thought ... cowboys wear flipflops? amazing ... must be a turn of the century thing. ;)

Melody said...

You guys make cute cowboys! :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go girl!Line dancingto missionary kids is that ok?(haha)
missyou guys,the woffords

Anonymous said...

Cowboys & indians in the Philipins
what an idea. I LIKE YOUR HAT CHRISTINA. robs is okay to but you look better in yours. Sounds like you guys are having a great time. I agree with chip. You guys are having too much fun.