Thursday, September 13, 2007

Student Council Advisor

Well, one of the duties I took on here at MICA is the Student Council Advisor. It's one of the many things God has set before me that I have no experience in. I was never even in Student Council in high school. I think I was maybe in elementary, I think... But I was really involved in our youth group. There are about 39 students that go to MICA, so it is definately youth group size (at least the youth group I am use to!) And the group does feel similar to the youth group I knew back in high school. They really are a great group of kids! So, I want you to meet our 2007-2008 Student Council here at MICA. From left to right: Tieg (Secretary), Andrea (Chapel coordinator), Michael (President), Susi (Freshman Class Rep), Ethan (Tresurer), Joyce (Student Store Manager), and Tomoko (Social Coordinator).
Well, about two weeks ago, we went on a Student Council retreat to a ropes course that is here in Davao, Philippines! Rob and I were the two leaders on the trip so it really gave us the opportunity to get to know these kids a little better. They truly are a really neat group of kids whose hearts are in the right place. Not only do they love God, but they love their fellow students. They have planned so many events for the student body this year. I have never seen a student council plan so many events. I think there is something every other weekend through out the entire school year. Yeah, these kids are going to keep me really busy! Well, if you ever think about it, we would appreciate your prayers for the MICA Student Council. That they would learn to love God more and that they would learn what it truly means to serve God through serving people.
Well, I thought you all might enjoy some pictures of our retreat:

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Renee said...

I love reading about your students and their love for God. I really hope and pray that for our kids. I'm so looking forward to them growing up as MKs and it is very encouraging when I read about these kids!