Thursday, November 02, 2006

Women's Retreat

So, I went on my very first women's retreat. Honestly, I was a little nervious about going. I've never been on the same reatreat with my mom! A little weird. I've been on youth retreats and college retreats, so I wasn't quite so sure what to expect. I mean, what exactly does one do on a women's retreat.
Well, our adventure began with quite the surpirse. There had been a tornado the morning before that had touched down close to the camp we were staying at. So, no electricity in the woods. Good thing we were all told to bring flashlights. Everyone was ready for quite a night, but the ladies handling the retreat quickly made the adjustments, (order pizza and eat by fir light!) and everything went smoothly. The next morning we all awoke to electricity, and a surprise at who else was sleeping in our room (it was very dark the night before).
The women who put on this retreat were from Cedar Mill Bible Church in Oregon. There were about 30 women who flew down at their own expense, just to minister to the women of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. They did an amazing job of caring for us and praying for us. They even had women who go to the church praying for a specific woman at the retreat. How amazing! We each recieved a letter from that woman. I felt very blessed and encouraged. There is something about women ministering to other women and is just so meaningful.
One thing that I came from this weekend realizing is that people are people. Sounds weird, I know. Let me explain. It seems as though there is often a huge gap between "younger women" and "more mature women". But, we are all in this walk together. When it comes down to it, we are all trying to love the Lord with all our heart, mind, and soul. And there should be great unity in that This weekend, it felt like the age gap melted away and we were all just trying to live life together. We are all together here in the body of Christ, although we have different struggles, talents and interestes, we are just women trying to love the Lord.

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