Monday, November 06, 2006

I have some sad news

On Thursday night Novemeber 9, my grandmother, whom we know affectionately as "Honey" passed away in her sleep. Honey is my father's mother. Rob and I were fortunate enough to spend some last sweet moments with her, showing her some recent picutres of our honeymoon, trips we've taken, and friends we love. Her death came as no surpirze to the family as she was in her 90's and her health had recently depleated. Although, it does not make the loss any less. We love Honey very much. She was a wonderful grandmother who loved her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren deeply. Honey was a fitting name for her always sweet demeaner. She will be grealy missed.
If anyone is interested, the funeral will be held this Thursday Nov. 9th. Viewing is at 10 am and the service at 12 noon. Location: Lake Lawn Funeral Homes: 5100 Pontchartrain Blvd.New Orleans, LA 70124.
Please pray for our family during this time. For comfort, and more importantly that through this time our family member who do not know Christ in a personal way might come to know the truth of Christ's death and resurrection. That Jesus Christ is the only way to God.
My biggest comfort is to know that God is sovereign. I know that He is in control of all things and that He has a purpose for every situation. Praise the Lord that He is in control!


Anonymous said...

We are praying for you and your family. love ya'll

Andy said...

hey girl we'll be praying for you guys. i'm glad that you guys have sweet, fond memories of and with her but sorry for your loss.

-C said...

just saw your comment on my blog --- i love you too! see you thursday.

Matt said...

It's sad to hear about your loss of Honey and sometimes their are no words that can be said. But I am praying for you two and for your family.