Friday, November 24, 2006

Early Christmas

So, Rob and I are in Nebraska visiting his family and we are having a great time! This morning we had the Johnson family Christmas! It was fun to have Christmas so early! Today really feels like Christmas day! It feels like everyone is celebrating Christmas today. I almost want to call my mom to tell her Merry Christmas!
Christmas came really early for me this year when Rob completely surprised me by giving me my Christmas gift on Wednesday night. He presented me with this huge box in front of his whole family. I was completely shocked when I found that he had gotten me a brand new digital SLR Cannon camera. It is absolutely amazing! It came with a tripod, 2 lenses, case, and a card that holds a huge amount of pictures! I was so surprised. So, I have been playing with it for the past couple of days. It takes amazing pictures! It's so much fun! I have a great husband!
So, here are some pictures of our time here so far (taken with my new camera!)

This is Becca (Rob's twin sister) giving me a ride on her horse Sullivan!

Rob taught me how to shoot a gun! We had a lot of fun with the family shooting clay pigeons and I actually shot a few! I never really thought that shooting was so much fun, but we had a blast! I know my mom is going to love this picture!

Our niece Kylie is so cute. She just turned one and she loves to imitate people, as you can see!

At the Johnson Christmas everyone picks names and our brother-in-law pulled Rob's name. Our brother-in-law and his wife came and visited us in New Orleans a few months ago and we took them fishing. There were the most fish we have ever seen all grouped together, but they would not bite our lines. We all wished (especially Rob) that we had a net because we could have caught some fish then, but of course we didn't. So, they got Rob the most enormous net in the world! (it's so big, I don't know how we are going to fly home with it. It looks like we will have to mail ourselves a package!) So, it looks like we should catch some fish next time!


-C said...

Love the pics from your NEW camera!! :) And, I'm thinking that you could use that net to catch small alligators too! LOL

Andy said...

looks like you had a really great time. happy thanksgiving. even if it's a little late. :)

Anonymous said...

he can catch "some fishes" with that big net ... "a big one".... "a hungry one"

Anonymous said...

Lucky.... That's great! I love SLR's! Nothing like a Johnson family Christmas I'm sure!

Linds said...

I just got your email and checked in on you guys... I got the Digital Rebel XT last year and LOVE it! Isn't digital photography GREAT?!!!
-- Lindsey March