Thursday, December 20, 2007

Day1: Manila

Well, we have arrived here in Manila, the biggest city in the Philippines. And if we didn't look too hard, it felt like we were back in America. We have settled into the SIL guesthouse here, which is very nice.
It was around lunch time when we got here, so we decided to go to the Mall of Asia to eat and look around. When we got there, it was enormous. I mean, the biggest mall I have ever seen. Our first mission was to find a place to eat. We immediately look for Wendy's (thinking about yummy frosties) and sure enough, there was one! Yeah for Wendy's!
We walked around the mall for a long time, and went in a few stores. We found a VERY nice bowling alley and decided to bowl. There were couches instead of the chairs and flat scene TVs.
It was really nice. After bowling for awhile we went this Discovery and Science Center where they had a planterium, and watched a show. The end of our day was topped with eating at a nice Italian Restaurant.
It is really nice to feel at home for a little bit. In Davao, the only American anything we have is McD's and KFC. But here, there are American stores and restaurants. Doug, there is even a Chili's! Don't get me wrong, we are happy to be in Davao, there are just certain things we miss about America, and we are so thankful that we get to have a little taste of home!

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