Sunday, September 11, 2011

Zeke's One Month Stats

Zeke had his one month checkup this week and I was surprised to find out that he had gained more than 2 lbs. since his birth! Gaining weight was such a struggle with Clay! He was the skinniest baby! His weight was always at the 10th percentile or below! Don't know what I'll do with a chunky baby ;) but Zeke is definitely going to be bigger than his big brother ever was! Here are his stats:
weight 9lbs. 6oz. 50th percentile
length 20 1/2 inches 50th percentile

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Renee said...

Love the picture...and the outfit! There is no doubt that boy is a Daspit - even if he doesn't have the name :) I love his face in the picture...i's like "mom, seriously, another picture?" I'm so glad for you that the nursing seems to be going well! Hope he's sleeping well too. Next time give us more info. ;) I miss all 4 of you!