Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Update on the Little Guy

Well, hello. Not sure if anyone is still out there checking my blog. Opps. It's been a while, I know, I know. I guess for a little bit there I forgot I had a blog!!! oh well, such is life.
Well, here is an update on the little man of our house:

- he is almost 18 months old and I CAN'T believe it!

- I am LOVING the toddler stage. I mean, really loving it! I love how he sometimes reminds me of a little boy, but still reminds me of a baby too. It's like the best of both worlds. Plus, I LOVE how he learns something new everyday!

- He is quite the talker. I mean the child knows so many words. and is NEVER quiet! I never really felt the need to teach Clay baby sign language because he comnunicates so well. His vocabulary often surprises me.

- He is a night owl. I never knew that you could tell this when they are so young, but he truly seems like a night person and not a morning person (a trait he gets from his mother)! He doesn't really get grumpy when we keep him up so late, but gets crazy! It's pretty nice for those nights when we are out late!

- He's a pretty cautious little guy when it comes to new things.

- He LOVES being outside and asks all the time to go outside (even now as I type!)

- He is definately playing like a little boy. LOVES cars and balls. Will make car noises as he drives them all over the house.

- He loves books

- His favorite thing is his "bankie" He MUST have it when he sleeps and it is always soaking wet when I get him from his bed. He likes to chew on it.

- He loves to go for a run with mommy. He often asks to go for a run and brings me my shoes (he's like my little running accountability partner!) He does so well in the jogging stroller and is quiet the whole time (the only time he is quiet). He loves to strech with me after we run, touching his toes and everything.

I LOVE my little guy and I love that I get the privilege of raising Clay and being a stay at home mom!


Chip Burkitt said...

Thanks for the update! What a pleasure it is to see you enjoying your child's childhood. So many parents are always wishing their kids were older (until they are, then they wish they were younger again).

Carpenters said...

He's so cute. Glad you're having fun being a mom. And yes, I still read your blog:)

Anonymous said...

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