Thursday, June 18, 2009

New mom

I wanted to blog this story only because I want to remember it. I needed a few things from Target the other day and thought, well here is my chance to go out to a store all by myself with Clay. There were only a few things that I needed and they weren't urgent, so I figured this is my chance to get my feet wet. Clay was awake when I put him in his car seat, but I thought surely he would fall asleep in the car on the way there, and then I could have a peaceful little shopping adventure. Well, that sure didn't work out. We get to the store and he is still wide awake. So, we get there, mind you I only needed a few things and normally would not have gotten a sopping cart, but I guess those days are over. Had to get a shopping cart to put the car seat in. We go to look at Father's day cards (the very first stop) and there are a ton of people looking for cards. So, I pick up the very first one and Clay starts crying, not just a little cry, I mean one of those I am mad and I am going to let you know it crys. So, I think, well, first card is good enough so I just start walking thinking that at least I won't stay right by the same people for too long so they won't begin to wonder about my mothering skills. So, he crys as I walk down the aisle and it seems like he has been crying forever, which really was like 30 seconds, but it feels like 10 years. And I have this thought of, I can't do this, I almost put the card down and just left the store. I mean what are you suppose to do if your baby screams the entire time you are at the store. Talk about feeling like the whole world is watching. As soon as I have the thought, he stops crying. ok, I think, should I still go, I mean, what if he starts again? I decided to just pick up the pace and shop like I have never shopped before. So, I am running around the store grabbing all the things I need and hoping like crazy Clay doesn't have a melt down. And he was fine, until I remembered another card I needed to get, so I go back to the really busy card aisle and pick up the card, I pick up the first one and Clay begins to cry again. So, I think ok this card is good enough, time to go. Praying to find a short check out line and I find a farely short one check out and I can breathe again as we walk to the car. We get home and Clay NEVER slept through out the whole outing. Well, talk about a new mom moment. I never knew how nerve racking it can be to have your child cry in a store like that. WOW. I will definately have sympathy for any mom I see with a crying child in a store from now on. I guess I have just joined the new mom club!


Chip Burkitt said...

Take it from me. No one thinks the less of you for having a crying child. If they do, it is their problem, not yours. Such moments will come for many years. Relax. Clay will feel better if he knows you feel in control.

Linds said...

LOL. Just wait till you're in church and he starts wailing during the quiet part of the service... Drew was a nervous wreck until we put him in the nursery :)

Melody said...

Welcome to the mommy club, Christina. Clay will interupt all your plans. You won't eat an entire meal, sleep when you want, sit through a whole movie, or pee without an audience for a long time. And you'll love every minute of it! And I know that panicked, "I have to get out of here NOW!" feeling. But I'm sure no one in Target went home and told their family about the crazy woman who can't care for her baby. People expect babies to cry.

-C said...

I think it's the cards that he doesn't like. LOL. Seriously, tho, my mom friends and I were just talking about how blissful it is to go shopping at Target without kids. On the other hand, don't shy away ... the more you do it, the better he'll get at doing it with you.