Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Beach Trip

So, we just got back from a beach trip with the high schoolers we will be working with this school year. It is an annual trip taken every year as a "get to know you" event. It was really fun. There are about 48 students at MICA (name of the high school) and almost all of them attended. It was really fun getting to know the students, especially for me. I am teaching yearbook, which only has 3 students in the class and I am teaching 2 students math, so I have not had the opportunity to even meet a lot of the students. It has been a joy getting to know them. There are some really neat kids who truly love God and have amazing hearts! I am so excited to get to know them even more!
We left on Sunday afternoon and stayed until Tuesday afternoon. We played a lot of games, had sessions where different teachers spoke, had free time, and played volleyball! It was really fun. It reminded me of youth group retreats. The kids really love each other and seek to serve one another. Some of them have grown up going to school together and some have just joined the group. There are many Korean students that come to the school, which offers quite the challenge. Of course English is their second language and some of them really have a hard time conversing and understanding english, which makes building relationships with them very difficult.

When you spend time with any group of people, it is easy to recognize who the "leaders" are. It was really fun getting to know those students who have leadership gifts. I am the Student Council Advisor this year and I am so excited about the group of kids who have the potential of being on it. Nominations began today and our elections will be next Tuesday. I have a good idea of who is going to do what position and I am excited to work with a great group of leaders!
Well, no crazy stories this time. No injuries, accidents, or comical events this trip! But stay tuned, I'm sure something crazy will happen soon.
By the way, the last picture is of our raft making contest! The high schoolers made some pretty creative rafts!


-C said...

I read your post to Sam. He's so excited to see your faces on the computer. :)

Renee said...

Sounds like a blast! I'm excited to hear more about your thoughts on the MKs. How was the Pacific water compared to the gulf?